bronze sculptures by Jonathan Hateley
Jonathan Hateley
Jonathan has sculpted most of his life, although it was only in recent years that he felt the desire to produce work of his own designs and choosing. Before taking this new path, his career has been varied, challenging and exciting. He completed a degree in graphic design in 1986 where he concentrated on illustration in both two and three dimensions. He moved to London and began sculpting for the theatre, firstly on the 'Phantom of the Opera' production and then for four years at the English National Opera Company. This was followed by many years working to tight deadlines and sculpting just about anything for TV, theatre and film. At this stage he was also illustrating for publishers. Having been through so many of the commercial applications for sculpture, he now finds himself with the freedom to realise his own ideas.
Scale - bronze sculpture by Jonathon Hateley
19" x 17" (49cm x 45cm)
This fine sculpture of a shoal of fish is cast in limited editions of 10 in bronze and15 in bronze-resin.

Price £6,150 cast in bronze, or £1,495 cast in bronze-resin
Snails sculpture by Jonathan Hateley
"Un Tas d`Escargots"
17" x 9" (43cm x 23cm)
This sculpture depicting Snails is available in limited editions of 9 in bronze and 35 in bronze-resin.

Price £3,950 in bronze, or £750 in bronze-resin.
tree frog sculpture by Jonathan Hateley
"Tree Frog"
8" x 6" (20cm x 16cm)

Bronze edition limited to 15
sculpture by Jonathan Hateley
45" x 21" (113cm x 53cm)
Sculpture of a female figure emerging from the waves.

Part of an edition limited to 10 cast in bronze-resin at Price £2,895
or 5 cast in bronze Price on application.
violin sculpture by Jonathan Hateley
"Meditation for the Highly Strung"
23" x 7" (58cm x 18cm)
Fascinating sculpture of a "soft" violin.

Available cast either in bronze as part of a limited edition of 10 Price on application,
or in bronze-resin in an edition of 15
Price £745
dragonfly sculpture by Jonathan Hateley
"Balletic" (Dragon Fly)
23" x 23" (58cm x 58cm)

Sculpture of a Dragon Fly
Cast in bronze-resin as part of a limited edition of 15 Price £750

Cast in bronze, an edition limited to 9 Price on application
dragonfly sculpture by Jonathan Hateley
39" x 26" (98cm x 66cm)

A striking sculpture of a running Ostrich.
Cast in bronze-resin as part of a limited edition of 20 Price £2,750

Also available in bronze in an edition of 10 Price on application
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